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Partner Member

The OSFMA Board of Directors seeks to have a business member representative serve on the Board as a Partner Member. This position is the culmination of discussions about how to better involve OSFMA's Business Partners in the organization. This position will work to provide great resources, access to school members, and a greater community of people committed to the success of public and private schools in Oregon.

Current Partner Member

Jason Beam
Floor Solutions

Responsibilities of the Partner Member

The Partner Member serves as a liaison between the Board and all business members. The Partner Member serves on committees as assigned by the President and assists the President as requested.

Commitment:  At least one two-year term. An option to serve an additional two-year term is a possibility when mutually agreed to by the Board and Partner Member. The position is non-voting.

In addition, the Partner Member:

  • Is, generally, appointed in the spring.
  • Is a volunteer of the organization.
  • Is a non-voting member of the Board.
  • Is a partner in achieving the Association's mission.
  • Is responsible to bring items which may be of concern and/or interest to the Board from other business members. In addition, the Partner Member may communicate to business members the goals and objectives of the Board and any actions which may affect them.
  • Attends board meetings.
  • Makes recommendations they believe to be in the best interest of the Association.
  • Serves on the Conference Committee and attends scheduled meetings.
  • Works with the Board and business members to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President and/or Board.

Application to be Considered

Requests for applications will be sent every two to four years depending on the status of the current Partner Member. 

The application will be a letter of interest that speaks to the following points:

  • Past involvement with OSFMA, including attendance as the events, presentations/workshops provided, and any other activities that demonstrate support of OSFMA.
  • Reason(s) for wanting to serve on the OSFMA Board.
  • Future support of OSFMA.
  • Ability and willingness to attend board meetings, in-person, based on the meeting schedule outlined in the Partner Member Responsibilities.

A timeline for applications will be posted just prior to the current Partner Members' term has ended.

  • Email
  • Mail: 707 13th St SE Ste 100, Salem, OR 97301

Meeting Schedule

Conference Committee
August (2 days)
Bend, Oregon


When possible, Board and Conference Committee meetings are held in tandem. Each meeting is generally two hours and can be attended in person or virtual. 

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