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About Us

OSFMA is an organization of school facilities maintenance professionals with the common goal of promoting and developing the highest degree of professionalism in the maintenance, operations, planning, and safety of school facilities.

Purpose Statement

  • To assist association members in dealing with common problems and promoting the exchange of ideas, technical data, and other information with the purpose of raising the standards of public school maintenance and operations throughout Oregon.
  • To provide an organization within the state of Oregon which will encourage, develop, and promote methods, materials, and procedures designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school maintenance operations.
  • To collect, organize, publish, and distribute educational material and statistical data which promotes effective and efficient maintenance, operations, planning, and construction of public schools within Oregon.
  • To promote and develop new and innovative procedures and practices which may be advantageous to the members of the association and/or their respective organizations.
  • To encourage and promote passage of legislation deemed beneficial to statewide maintenance and operations programs and/or the members of the association.
  • To disseminate information to association members, school district officials, officials of local, state, and/or federal agencies, and members of legislative departments as appropriate.

Oregon School Facilities Management Association

707 13th St, Ste 100, Salem, Oregon 97301

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