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OSFMA Professional Certification

The Oregon School Facilities Management Association provides professional certification to qualifying members based on education, achievement, and experience. Two Certificate Plans, or checklists, have been designed to help evaluate and demonstrate a high degree of professional competence and growth for the applicant. Certification is really a way to demonstrate the applicants own success story on the continuous journey of personal and professional growth.

Both plans, either Certified School Facilities Manager or the Certified School Facilities Specialist, have three focus areas:

  1. Participation in OSFMA
  2. Professional growth activities
  3. Knowledge and skills gained through experiences

While the topic areas within each Certificate Plan are different, the documents needed to demonstrate proficiency in each are similar. Some applicants may have already satisfied the requirements while others may need to pursue additional knowledge and skill. Review the Certificate Plan you want to achieve to see where you stand. And then use that plan to focus your professional development and activities towards certification.

There is no time limit for applicants to complete the certification process. The certification process suggests a path on which members learn and acquire knowledge, practice opportunities to become effective and proactive leaders, and strengthen personal and professional choices. Certification positions OSFMA members to take those next steps that clarify individual visions of a personal future in maintaining and managing Oregon’s school facilities.

Application Packet

* Forms have fillable fields but must be downloaded and saved to your computer for them to be viewable.

Submitting an Application

You may submit application packet to:

  via Email


  OSFMA Professional Certification
  707 13th St SE, Ste 100
  Salem, OR  97301

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